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Filtration, Separation & Coalescer

Filtration is the cleaning of solid particles of a fluid by passing them on the filtration medium, or septum, on which solids will be precipitated. The range of filtering in the industry ranges from simple filtering to complex separation. Filtered fluids can be liquids or gases; the flow that escapes from the sieve may be liquids, solids, or both. At some point it is precisely the solid waste that must be separated from the liquid waste before it is disposed of. In the industry, the solid content of a bait has a range from just a trace to a large percentage.

Fluid flows through the filter media due to the difference in pressure that goes through the media. Filters can operate on:

  • Pressure above the atmosphere at the top of the filter media.
  • Operating pressure at the top of the filter media.
  • Vacuum at the bott

Gas Dehydration

Gas drying aims to prevent hydrate formation and free water condensation in gases. It is crucial in natural gas systems to avoid equipment blockage and corrosion issues, both for transportation facilities and downstream cold processes.

Skid Packages

A Gas Conditioning Skid is designed to pre-treat natural gas and other combustible gasses prior to injecting into a critical process or a Gas Turbine Generator. The skid performs two functions; remove all liquid droplets and solid contaminants from the gas, and adjust the gas temperature to the injection requirements.

Water Treatment

‎For those of you who are curious about the understanding of water treatment ‎‎ ‎. Water treatment itself is a stage of the process that is improving the quality of water to be more accepted under certain conditions.‎

‎Water quality improvement is intended for drinking water, irrigation, industrial water supply, river flow maintenance or other uses, as well as safe waste. The water treatment process itself aims to eliminate unnecessary contaminants and components or reduce their concentration so that water for final use as desired.‎

‎Contaminated drinking water sources require special treatment so that the source of bacterial viruses and diseases can be eliminated. The system in drinking water treatment must use many methods so that drinking water is safe to be consumed for the community.‎

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