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Today’s environment requires more than just managing day-to-day filter changes.  There is an ever present need to address complex contaminant management issues that interconnect us all.  PECOFacet partners with our customers to realize that total cost of filtration is not just about how much a filter costs but rather how much overall cost of maintenance it can reduce.  Filtration cuts down on contaminant build up in process equipment, protects critical equipment from damage, minimizes downtime, lowers energy consumption and keeps products within spec.

Working with our customers commercial and technology teams, we create contaminant management solutions that fuse together technology driven products, advanced testing and outstanding service. With over 80 years of industry knowledge, engineering vision, ongoing research, and a global presence, PECOFacet continually produces innovative contaminant management solutions for an ever-changing industry landscape and an environmentally conscious world.

A Brief History of The Company...

PECOFacet is a part of CLARCOR Inc’s Industrial/Environmental Filtration segment. CLARCOR Inc. is a billion dollar plus holding company specializing in filtration and contaminant handling solutions. The various CLARCOR companies offer one of the broadest ranges of filtration and contaminant handling technologies available in the global market place.

The PECOFacet name was formed following the acquisition of Perry Equipment Corporation (PECO) by CLARCOR in 2007 and by merging PECO with Facet International, acquired by CLARCOR in 1999. The merger of these two companies has strengthened PECOFacet’s presence as a global leader in filtration and separation throughout the world, and has expanded the range of marketed products to our customers.

On February 28, 2017, CLARCOR became part of the Parker Hannifin Corporation Filtration group. This highly complementary combination establishes Parker among the top filtration companies in the world and the supplier of the most comprehensive offering of filtration solutions and services.

Parker Hannifin is a Fortune 250 global leader in motion and control technologies. For more information on the acquisition, please visit us

CLARCOR is comprised of a number of companies that are divided into two segments; Engine/Mobile and Industrial/Environmental. Each segment focuses on specific markets and applications unique to their products and service offerings. From simple filtration products to complex, highly engineered systems, our companies manufacture and supply products to protect the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink.

CLARCOR has operations and sales offices on every major continent in the world and our employees are at work every day to ensure our products are in use to protect people and the world they live in. We are passionate about what we do and we do things right.

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Engineered Filtration Solutions™

With a reputation for providing quality filtration engineered products, PECOFacet constantly keeps our customers’ needs in mind. Our products are designed and manufactured to handle the most demanding requirements, providing reliable performance time after time. We provide traditional filtration products to serve our markets as well as provide innovative Advanced Technology products to provide solutions to our customers’ most challenging contaminant management needs.