Effective and reliable filtration is extremely important through the production, transportation, and refining of produced hydrocarbons. Failure to remove contaminants from critical processes results in decreased process efficiency, increased operating costs and heightened risk of damaging sensitive equipment downstream.
While each filtration step is extremely important, upstream filtration operations set the stage for the rest of the journey for produced hydrocarbons. Mistakes in this part of the business can cascade and magnify resulting in extensive maintenance down time for pipeline or equipment repairs. This same principal applies until the very last filtration step of the refining process.  Implementing an optimized filtration strategy across the business is key to reducing operating costs, minimizing downtime and improving overall business performance.

Metal felt filter element media for high pressure, highly corrosive, high temperature or high viscosity uses, where they have significant advantages over woven wire and sintered metal elements.
High pressure filter assemblies which are widely applied in the offshore oil and gas industry.
Coalescing filter elements are also used to separate water from fuels and gas streams.