Entering the competition is increasingly competitive business world, the Company considers it necessary to have a good vision and mission, prospective, directional and can be achieved in development in the field of engineering, mechanical, electrical and instrument more effective, efficient and scalable for development in the future.



Being a reliable partner of choice in the main business fields of engineering, mechanical, electrical and instrument that emphasizes on sustainable growth with an increase of competence through human resource development, satisfaction customers and efficiency in all areas. And being a large company in the field of services, trade, engineering, procurement and construction are known in the national scale.


  1. Provide benefit and value to its customers and stakeholders. Providing a safe working environment, welfare and provide the opportunity to grow professionally and sustainable for business activities employees. Running a business that is responsible and environmentally friendly sound.
  2. Developing cooperation / partnership business in a professional manner with bodies, institutions / agencies, relevant institutions, to play a role in national program.
  3. Active role running the business by supporting the government’s program to improve the nation’s economy.
  4. Participate in creating jobs and contributing to building a culture of quality and professional work